who i am
rebecca wilhite photography
I think my first camera might have been green and was a hand me down from my sister. I'm not sure I was ever given film, but I carried it around and looked at the world through it. I don't think I've ever stopped doing that. My pocket instamatic is the one I remember putting film in and shooting. You wound it yourself, and It was reminiscent of today’s throw away cameras, but I took some great photos (at least according to nine year old me).

My name is Rebecca Thurston Ramsay Wilhite, and I've been taking pictures my whole life.
I grew up mostly in New Hampshire where my passion for the beauty and wonder of nature and an appreciation for all different kinds of people was instilled in me by my mother, the teacher. My father, the engineer, helped me to understand how to work with available light and, more importantly, he taught me how to play.

I have lived in Hartford County with the nice young man who is my business partner, chief encourager and husband for more than two decades.